The Process

Creative thinking and knowledgeable evaluation, supported by detailed proformas and market research, combined with a multi-disciplined team approach have proven successful tools for LeNir, Ltd.

Tools that we apply to each and every project:

Project Programming

We do the project programming upfront – assessments, interviews and research – to determine the goals of ownership and subsequent scope of development.

LeNir’s Team Approach Accomplishes Owners Goals

All real estate projects are best served by a team of individuals and entities working together to
accomplish the goals of ownership. 

The wide variety of components and variables inherent in real estate development, are better
controlled and quantified by several individuals, with varying backgrounds and experience. 

By forming those individuals and entities into a development team it eliminates the individual
“mindset” and promotes the goals of ownership. 

Key Elements of LeNir’s Team Approach 

The value allocation and quality of our client’s real estate projects are maximized through these
key elements of LeNir’s team approach:

  • Cross-communication – Complete cross-communication among all team members, while retaining a disciplined, systematic approach for decision making.
  • Collaborative thinking and problem resolution – We focus as a team on problem identification and reaching informed resolutions. 
  • Accountability – While maintaining an attitude of partnering, all team members are accountable for their respective disciplines. 

Bringing the project team together is our job. Our clients see the results from the inception of the project, to its completion – and beyond.