Established in 1982 by Mr. Doug Fowler, LeNir, Ltd. provides owner representation, project management and consulting on real estate projects. LeNir, Ltd. serves as the alter ego to you, the real estate project owner, in a fiduciary capacity. We deliver our services with perseverance, integrity, and attention to quality. That is the LeNir tradition.

LeNir’s Experience Works for You

The diversity and depth of our project experiences – corporate, governmental, and private development – have afforded LeNir, Ltd. unique skills in problem solving, negotiating, and development of real estate. We utilize our experience, skills, and multi-disciplined team approach throughout every step of the project process to ensure that your ownership goals are accomplished.

Maximum Results & the Attention You Deserve

Our expertise in serving our client’s needs regarding their real estate project consistently generates the maximum results. LeNir, Ltd. projects are built on time and on budget, while maintaining the integrity of the project. Our clients will tell you so.